Chair: Robin Doyno

There were approximately 25 attendees

LAPD Senior Lead Officer (SLO) Adrian Acosta made a presentation on crime deterrence:

  • A good neighbor is the best deterrent to crime.” Neighbors can recognize suspicious behavior
  • Block captains play a key role in deterrence by interfacing and sharing information with SLOs through phone, e-mail, social media (Twitter and Facebook) and quarterly meetings.
  • In April, Pacific Division implemented “predictive policing,” using property crime data for the past five years to create a daily algorithm that predicts probable locations for crimes. Available through the LAPD. the program has significantly reduced property crime in MV.
  • Individuals can reduce the “opportunity” for property crime by: 1) locking doors and windows when they leave the premises; 2) leaving TV, radio, and lights on (or on a timer);  3) If alone, before answering a knock, say ‘”Honey, I’ve got the door;” and 4) following the other precautions on LAPD fliers handed out at the meeting.
  • Contact LAPD through:
    1. Crime in Progress: 911
      Non-Emergency (suspicious activity or suspected crime): 877-ASK-LAPD – 877-275-5273
    2. SLOs
    3. Pacific Division Watch Commanders
    4. Commanding Officer of the Pacific Patrol and Pacific Division


Website/Social Media. The WMVNA Website ( is up and running as a forum for neighborhood issues, exchange of ideas and information, Thanks to Mike H. and Andrea Bell for developing the site. We have also developed an e-mail list of approximately 130 Members for newsletters, and access to Facebook and Twitter

Upcoming Events include:

  1. 10/16 (10:16 am – “Great California Shakeout” Earthquake Response Drill
  2. 10/18 -Mar Vista Community Fall Festival –Mar Vista Park (Palms and McLaughlin)
  3. 10/22 SLO Meeting
  4. 10/31 The Charley Brown Great Pumpkin Festival – MV Park.

Neighborhood Issues:

  • The Santa Monica Airport: The site is backing Santa Monica Ballot Initiative LC (“local control”), which would limit airport development, noise pollution, etc.
  • Exploitative Vehicle Task Force: curbing “musical chair” derelict vehicles in the neighborhood.
  • Fixing potholes: need to bombard officials with photos, names, etc. – as “Squeaky Wheels”
  • Emergency Preparedness: Robin is working to set up a CERT program for WNMVA members = participation encouraged.


  • We encourage Members to  attend  Mar Vista Community Council (MVCC): meetings on the second Tuesday of each month at the Mar Vista Recreation Center (Mar Vista Park)
  • Distribution of “Hello Neighbor” door-hanger/flyers, to all District 6 residents – approximately 5,000 people in 1.2 square miles.  Thanks to the MVCC for financing the printing.  Block captains and volunteers will distribute the flyers door to door.

Upcoming Meetings: We encourage Members to attend and/or provide input for concerns of agenda items through the WMVNA website

  • The Steering Committee will meet on 4 pm the first Sunday of each month at Robin’s home (12551 Barbara Avenue, at the corner of Barbara and Frances).
  • General Meetings will be held quarterly at Robin’s House (or a location TBA – such as the LAPD Pacific Division station).

Thanks to Robin and Helen for their hospitality and cold drinks on a hot afternoon.