Chair: Robin Doyno

There were seven attendees


WMVNA Logo  

Our web developer & designer created a “West Mar Vista Neighborhood Association” logo, which the Committee decided to adopt for the WMVNA web site, newsletters, door hangers, and other publications.


Hilltop Neighborhood Association Preparedness Program

This neighborhood association (Mar Vista Zones 4 and 5) has a healthy number of CERT-certified individuals and other medical professionals, some of whom have organized as the Hilltop Emergency Response Organization (HERO).  They have an emergency supply cache.


CERT Training/Emergency Preparedness

Because we haven’t been able to find enough attendees to sponsor our own class, we will encourage members to sign up for training on an individual basis through the LAFD web site (

The training consists of seven classes (17.5 hours). Mike will post this link on the WMVNA site. We will recommend that members stockpile emergency supplies etc.


Los Angeles Free Tree Program

We will publicize this city-sponsored program, which offers residents two to three free trees. The city will also pay residents $2 to $3 per square foot to replace their lawns with native plants, succulents, etc.


West LA American Cancer Society Relay for Life

We will encourage members to take part in this two-day fund-raising event (August 16-17).


Door Hangers

We will use these to solicit members. The content will include: 1) A ‘hook” (why join WMVNA?); 2) programs and activities (bullet points;, and 3) sign-up information. Mike Hanntula and Jennifer Klein will write a draft. Block captains will distribute the hangers.


Building Membership

Our goal is to encourage all residents (renters and condo owners, as well as homeowners) to join the association. We’ll spread the word through the door hangers, Web site postings, the E-Newsletter, and “mixers” (smaller get-togethers, rather than block parties or general meetings).


Block Captains/Neighborhood Watch

Andrea Ortiz, who has been working with LAPD to develop this program, will provide an update.


We’ll post these minutes on the web site.


Secretary: Jack Nordhaus