Chair: Robin Doyno

Attendees: Andrea Bell, Samantha Carr, Sharon Commins, Mike H., Jack Nordhaus

Meeting Dates. We will meet on the first Sunday of the month, with the next meeting set for October 5

Block Captains. Steering Committee members will serve as Block Captains.

Web Site Update: Mike presented a beta version of the site for our review. The site includes:

  • Home page with the association Mission Statement and links to other areas of the site;
  • About WMVNA: introduction and interactive map of the neighborhood
  • Meetings: upcoming meeting schedule, agenda and RSVP (member input encouraged); and minutes of past meetings
  • News and Events: posts
  • More About Mar Vista: interactive “resources directory” of relevant contacts, web sites, etc.
  • Building content: Andrea will be writing content, Jack will edit, and send to Mike, who will provide administrator access to Steering Committee members for review and input. The target date for completion (with a walk-through) is Sunday, September 14 – at which time we will take the site live.

Membership Campaign (High-Tech, High Touch).  We will publicize membership through the site, E-mail, Facebook – and primarily through distribution of the door hangers by Block Captains and other members, providing opportunities for face-to-face contact. We will use GPS to track distribution, with Robin having overall direction

Online Interaction. We encourage interaction through Facebook and NextDoor (

Community News and Issues:

  • Exploitative Vehicle Task Force: vans parked around Wade and Pacific are stripping and storing wiring and other trash: the DOT, LAPD, and Parking Enforcement have been unresponsive.
  • The city will post stone  “Welcome to Mar Vista” markers at the start and end of the Venice Blvd “Great Street”
  • Centinela Fire Station: the City Council has approved a $100,000 grant to refurbish as a multi-purpose community center: offices, meeting rooms/classrooms, disaster response, etc.
  • Emergency Preparedness/Disaster Planning.  Robin has completed his CERT training and is encouraging others to do the same. The Neighborhood Team Program teaches residents how to evaluate post-disaster damage and injuries and provide first responders with this information. Our next meeting will be 4 pm, Sunday, October 5 at Robin’s.

Secretary:  Jack Nordhaus