January 4, 2015

Attendees: Robin Doyno, Ken Freese, Jack Nordhaus

The committee approved the minutes of the December 7, 2014 General Meeting.

Neighborhood Events

  • The Aging in Place Committee will meet at 3 pm on January 8 , at the Mar Vista Library
  • The National Day of Service will be Monday, January 19. For more information, go to www.volunteermatch.org or www.allforgood.org.
  • The annual Greater LA Homeless Count, which uses volunteers to help determine the allocation of resources, will be Wednesday, January 28, starting at 8 pm. For more information, e-mail: homelesscount@lahsa.org.Membership Building:  Distribution of door hangers is continuing. We still have 300 to 400 flyers, and can get another $300 to $400 in funding from the Mar Vista Community Council, which has a surplus in the budget if we have any creative ideas for the promotion of WMVNA.  This money would only be available if we applied by the middle of March.

    Encouragement of Biking. Ken recommended that the association work for easements for bike paths, use Block Captains to develop bike path maps, and co-operate with the Bikerowave Bike Co-op (on Venice) and Helen’s Cycles (on Sepulveda).Old Fire Station 62 Building. We encourage conversion of this facility into a venue for such activities as community group meetings, training and education, recreation (art, square dancing, etc.) art shows, historical exhibits, and a post-disaster muster center. Councilman Bonin would like to set up a satellite office. The budget for conversion is $500,000, including $100,000 for asbestos abatement. Robin will contact Peter Friedlich, a retired contractor, for his input.

    Neighborhood Disaster Plan. The city Emergency Planning Department is encouraging neighborhoods to build a Disaster Plan, a five-step process to help canvass the neighborhood, evaluate damage and injuries and work with first responders. The Department can provide brochures and an instructional video for training. The Steering Committee recommends: 1) using Block Captains to implement the process; and 2) having the Fire Department make a presentation at the next General Meeting.

    Smoke Alarms. Last year, there were 11 fire-related deaths in LA that could have been prevented with smoke alarms.  We strongly recommend that members visit Fire Station 62 to get a free alarm.

Distribution of Minutes. We will e-mail a condensed version of meeting minutes to all members,

Next Meeting.  The next General Meeting will be Sunday, February 1 at 3 pm (not 4). Monthly meetings will alternate between General Sessions and Steering Committee Meetings.

Recording Secretary: Jack Nordhaus