Attendees: Robin Doyno, Linda Guagliano, Andrea Bell, Jack Nordhaus

Mark Twain-Broadway School Merger

There’s a proposal to merge the 500-student Broadway School, a Mandarin-focused immersion school in Venice, with the Mark Twain School on Walgrove that has the capacity to absorb these students.  This would significantly increase drop-off and pick-up traffic on Walgrove, which is already congested.

Possible solutions to mitigate the problem include: 1) making the cross streets (Victoria and Lucille) between Walgrove and Venice one way; and 2) creating a bus drop-off/pick-up at Venice and Walgrove and having children walk three blocks to the school – which would create a safety problem.

There will be community meetings to discuss the issue this week at both schools.


  • Walgrove and Beethoven are becoming increasingly congested in mid-afternoon as well as rush hour (at times, southbound traffic on Walgrove is backed up from Rose as far as Pico).
  • During  construction on Centinela between Washington and Venice last week, a significant amount of traffic was displaced onto neighborhood cross streets, with stressed and speeding drivers creating a safety hazard
  • Converting Lincoln Place (in Venice, near Lincoln, between Rose and Palms) from family apartments to pricey condos will lead to a significant increase in traffic because the new owners will be using their own cars, rather than public transportation.




  • There have been several break-ins on Mitchell and Caswell within the last month.
  • Neighbors can track crimes on Venice 311 or the LAPD Web site.
  • We will post crime prevention tips and recommendations on the WMVNA site.


 The Venice Boulevard Great Street: the city has appropriated $80,000 to develop Venice as a “Great Street” neighborhood/community development project.

General Meeting: The next General Meeting will be held on Sunday Dec. 7, at Robin Doyno’s home, Time TBA.  This will be a Forum on Crime and Emergency Preparedness.

Jack Nordhaus

Recording Secretary