Emergency Preparedness

In the event of a calamity, Los Angeles emergency responders will have their hands full for days or even weeks. Communities need to be prepared to help themselves.

Join us for a Sunday afternoon forum about Emergency preparedness (date to be announced). This introduction will give participants basic information, encourage further participation, and provide information about where to take CERT training.

WMVNA wholeheartedly supports CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) and the NTP (Neighborhood Training Program). Preparedness to deal with a major emergency is essential to us all. These two programs can help save lives and prevent injuries.

CERT is a seven-week training course provided by the L.A. Fire Department. Each weekly class lasts about 1 1⁄2 hours, usually scheduled on a week night. NTP is a disaster awareness program that two or more neighbors can develop without significant training and yet will aid greatly if disaster strikes.

5 Steps to Neighborhood Preparedness

5 Steps LAThe City of Los Angeles Emergency Management Department has setup a special site to promote the “5 Steps to Neighborhood Preparedness.” These steps provide easy-to-follow guidelines for neighborhood disaster planning. As a neighborhood association, we’ll be using our meetings and discussions to help our neighbors organize & carry out these steps in the areas around their homes.

Step 1: Define Your Area

Identify a manageable area, your apartment building, one city block, a few small surrounding streets, etc, that you can organize with relative ease.

Step 2: Recruit Leaders

Develop a team of leaders who can help build the plan and carry out emergency support activities when the time comes.

Step 3: Scout Your Area

Get to know the lay of the land: what resources you have, what the landscape is, and disasters or other emergencies common to your area.

Step 4: Build Your Team

Find out who lives in your area, how they can help in a disaster, and who may need extra help.

Step 5: Plan Your Approach

Create a plan that outlines what your neighborhood will do before, during, and after a disaster!

Learn more about the 5 Steps to Neighborhood Preparedness at one of the ‘5 Steps’ free Educational Workshops across Los Angeles or download their 5 Steps Toolkit.

Also, be sure to visit 5steps.la for many more details on the steps above.

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